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Exsula Products
Exsula Superfoods are the original, 100% Natural Superfood Supplements. Exsula Superfoods formulas have been carefully formulated and hand crafted by Jevari Oberon over the past 28 years. Your body naturally strives to be energetic and healthy! Given proper, absorbable, life giving nutrition from Exsula Superfoods, your immune system can work efficiently to heal and maintain your health and support proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

Iridesca Superfood  Iridesca Superfood
The Ultimate version of the Original SuperFood. Over 250 natural plant ingredients.
Ultimate nutrition for serious immune system challenges and for peak performance.
The most complete natural nutritional supplement!

Advancium Advancium Superfood
The ultimate green phytonutrient concentrate... more energy and repair nutrients than other green supplements deliver.
Enzyme rich superfood to support rebuilding, improve immune function and mental performance.

Excela-50 Excela-50 Superfood
Enzyme-rich energizing Superfood for beginners or very ill people. 
Mildest yet quite powerful, peacefully energizing nutritional formula.

 Strata Flora
Complete solution to restore your digestive system from one end to the other.
Perfect ongoing cleansing program with probiotics, prebiotics, herbs, parasite killers,
beneficial bacteria, soil based organisms.

  Ultimate Q10
 Strenghen your immune system, build energy, maintain a strong heart, 
reduce effects of environmental & other toxins (even chemotherapy).

Chlorella blendChlorella Blend
Great tasting select grade multiple Chlorella species blend to strengthen your immunity,
add to your longevity, aid heavy metal detoxification and appetite control.

Gaia Thera ORMUS Gold Gaia Thera ORMUS Gold
An ancient, natural product that provides nourishment for your body, 
mind and soul, with scientific support. Spiritual nourishment of Divine origin... 
the very essence of life - Food from The Gods.

 Xooma Worldwide nutritional products
note- when you click on the Xooma product link a window will open on a Xooma webpage for that product. When you click to place an order you will be brought to a membership enrollment page that gives the impression you must enroll as an affiliate, order bundles of products and choose a monthly autoship. Once you are signed up there is no need to be on autoship, or to order pre-arranged packages-bundles of products or to promote Xooma products to others as an Affiliate. You can simply order any individual product when you want by logging in.

Supported by over 35 million dollars in extensive research and studies, the ingredients in KardiaXyme 
deliver noticeable health benefits throughout the 
entire body. This exclusive formula contains a potent 
and unique blend of 
14 different sea-based, highly bioactive polyphenols that optimize cellular, cardiovascular
and metabolic health to support lifelong physical and mental wellness.

FocusUp Focus Up
The Pure Energy Think Drink

Metabowize MetaboWize
The MetaboWize™ System is a cutting-edge weight management program
that is comprised of three core products: MetaboWize™ AM, MetaboWize™ 
PM and the MetaboWize™ Protein Fiber Shake.

X20 X20
Xtreme X2O is an all-natural, organic mineral complex derived from a pristine ocean source found near the Okinawan Islands. 
Harvested in its natural form, we use a patented processing method to ensure the highest level of purity and safety
before packaging this powerful product into individual, ready-to-use “sachets.”

 Silver Max
Today, as more people embrace natural ways to maintain their health and well-being,
silver is experiencing resurgence in popularity. And 
Silver MAX is leading the way,
with technologically unparalleled silver preparations for internal and external use that deliver real result


Aqua Tru

New Aqua Tru counter top water filters available for pre-order!

Aqua Tru water filter


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